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An autoturret was a blaster turret placed to defend an area, usually in the heat of battle. They were used by many factions of various wars, known for their killing power and good defense. Autoturrets were found near fortified bases such as Khoonda on Dantooine during the Jedi Civil War. Sometimes, they were also installed near personal valuables or entrances to hidden bases, as well as capital ships.

During the Clone Wars, deployable autoturrets were massively used by both clone and droid snipers for covering fire, or as a defense of field command posts


Clone sniper using an autoturret for cover.


Autoturret turbolasers were installed on the first Death Star, and were also implemented on the second Death Star.[source?]

Autoturrets were used extensively in sensitive Imperial installations, such as the Imperial Detention Facility on Orinackra as well as on Imperial City.[source?]

Auto-turrets were used also in the defense of Ithor during the Yuuzhan Vong War. The turrets tricked the warriors into destroying a building that was in actuality an explosive device to be used offensively against them.[source?]

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