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"It sounds like you are on the wrong side of this conflict. I’m sure the Empire would be glad to have you, Hostis."
―Auxi Kray Korbin to Hostis[src]

Auxi Kray Korbin was a female Togruta who served as an advisor to Chancellor Mon Mothma in the months following the Battle of Endor and the beginning of the New Republic. Following the Battle of Naalol and the rebellion on Akiva, Auxi continued serving Chancellor Mothma as the New Republic consolidated more territory from the Galactic Empire and entered into peace talks with Grand Admiral Rae Sloane.


A new galactic orderEdit

Auxi Kray Korbin served as one of Chancellor Mon Mothma's advisors in the months following the Rebel Alliance's victory at the Battle of Endor. She frequently argued with her fellow advisor Hostis Ij. Following the Battle of Naalol, Auxi toured the planet Naalol with Chancellor Mon Mothma and Hostis Ij. While the Chancellor and Hostis were discussing the merits of war, Auxi reminded Mothma that they had to return to the New Republic capital Chandrila for the reconstituted Galactic Senate's opening ceremony.[2]

While walking, Auxi told Hostis that they were going to proceed with their plan to relinquish the Chancellor's emergency powers; a prerogative that had been derived from the former office of Supreme Chancellor. However, Hostis countered that it was not the right time due to the Galactic Civil War. Chancellor Mothma agreed with Auxi and announced her plan to relinquish the Chancellor's emergency powers in the near future since they had been used by the late Palpatine to seize power during the Clone Wars.[2]

When Hostis expressed dismay at the Chancellor's plans to demilitarize the New Republic military, Mothma informed her advisors that she would submit a vote at the Galactic Senate to reduce the New Republic's military presence by 90% once they were able to officially confirm an end to the Galactic Civil War. When Hostis warned that demilitarizing the New Republic would not bring peace to the galaxy, Auxi remarked that he would fit in well with the Empire. Before the two could argue, Chancellor Mothma intervened and reiterated that she would relinquish her emergency powers and submit a vote on the demilitarization of the New Republic. Auxi then accompanied Chancellor Mothma and Hostis back to Chandrila.[2]

Civil servantEdit

A year later, Auxi continued serving as one of Chancellor Mon Mothma's advisers alongside Hostis Ij. During a meeting, Auxi opposed Hostis' suggestion that they expand the New Republic military in order to obtain new lines of food, fuel, and other vital supplies. In response, Hostis urged the New Republic to undertake a recruitment effort in order to secure more supply lines.[3]

A month later, Auxi attended a state function called Liberation Day to celebrate the liberation of Rebel Alliance prisoners from Ashmead's Lock prison on the planet Kashyyyk. However, the Imperial Fleet Admiral Gallius Rax had implanted the prisoners with inorganic bio-chips. At Rax's command, the prisoners began attacking Chancellor Mothma and other officials and military personnel. During the chaos, Auxi helped the wounded Chancellor Mothma to her feet. Her colleague Hostis Ij was rumored to have died during the attack.[3]

Personality and traitsEdit

Auxi Kray Korbin was a female Togruta who served as a chief adviser to Chancellor Mon Mothma during the early days of the New Republic. She supported Mothma's proposal to abolish the emergency powers of the Chancellor's office and to demilitarize the New Republic military once the Empire had been defeated. Her anti-militarism put her at odds with the more hawkish Hostis Ij. Chancellor Mothma likened Auxi and Hostis to playing both the devil's advocate and angel but could not decide on who was the devil or angel.[2]


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