Captain Av'muru was the male Ishori commander during a battle at Bothawui. From his flagship, the War Cruiser Predominance, he commanded the forces arrayed against the Bothans and the Diamala.

In the first phase of the battle, his ship was infiltrated by two Imperial Intelligence agents, Pensin and Horvic, who took control of the ship's weapons and fired on the Bothan capital city, Drev'starn. Even though Ponc Gavrisom and Leia Organa Solo were on the Predominance's bridge trying to defuse the crisis, and Av'muru was aware that the battle began due to the machinations of a third party, this touched off a battle between the pro- and anti-Bothan fleets.

When Organa Solo realized that cloaked ships, probably belonging to the Imperial Remnant, were in the area, she used the Force to take control of the Predominance's helm. After convincing Av'muru not to change course, they discovered three Imperial-class Star Destroyers hiding behind a cloaking shield. Once the Imperial vessels were revealed, Av'muru placed his fleet's ships under the command of newly-reactivated New Republic General Lando Calrissian.