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The Avatar-10 was a Class 2.0 hyperdrive unit manufactured by the Corellian Engineering Corporation[1] several decades before 19 BBY. The "stock" YT-1300 light freighter was equipped with an Avatar-10 hyperdrive as standard.[2] The drive weighed 15 metric tons.[1]

An innovative development in hyperdrive technology, the Avatar-10 was designed to be a "universal" hyperdrive system that was compatible with any type of spacecraft.[1] Although critics noted that the bulky hyperdrive was too large for vessels that, by design, were too small to accommodate its weight even with industrial repulsorlifts, the Avatar-10 became a popular choice for upgrading older freighters and transports.[2]

Because the Avatar-10 was developed before the rise of the Galactic Empire, its fast Class 2.0 speed, normally restricted to military vessels, remained legal. Modifying the drive for faster speeds was a strict violation of Imperial law, however. The Millennium Falcon was originally equipped with an Avatar-10, though it had been replaced by an illegally-upgraded Isu-Sim SSP05 hyperdrive generator long before it came into the ownership of Lando Calrissian.[2] In 12 ABY,[4] Fenig Nabon ordered an Avatar-10 as a replacement for the Star Lady's damaged drive on Prishardia.[3]



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