Avilatan's Rest was a cantina built in the Republic held Fort Garnik on the planet Ord Mantell. It was open during the Cold War and served a large number of Republic and Mantellian soldiers who were stationed in Garnik to help fight in the Separatist War.

The cantina consisted of one large main room with a single raised side room accessible by a ramp. It contained a Jukebox and a two separate bars which were staffed by at least two Twi'leks, one of whom, named Ryn, sold jukebox tokens, and a pair of astromech droids. Republic ethics officer Drage was known to drink there.

The smuggler known as Ace and a member of Havoc Squad visited Ethics Officer Drage while he was drinking here to report the existence of a minefield obstacle course set up by Corporal Dregg and Ensign Ta.

Behind the scenesEdit

Avilatan's Rest is a location found in the MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic released by BioWare in 2011. The cantina is similar to many others in the game in that it is an area in which players can speak to their companion characters or buy jukebox tokens to listen to music.



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