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Avril Gresh was a male Human farmer who became a acquisitions specialist for the Karazak Slavers Cooperative.


Lacking studies, Gresh began working in a big agri-collective in the Mid Rim. The farmers there were receiving harsh treatment by the enforcers of the Company. After Gresh failed to fulfill his yearly quota, he was called for a reprimand by the farm overseer. During the argument, Gresh killed his overseer, and then ran away to the Outer Rim to avoid prosecution. Gresh was found by a Karazak slaver, who recognized Gresh's natural managing skills. The slaver offered Gresh a job in the Karazak Cooperative, and threatened to denounce him should he refuse. Gresh accepted and became an acquisition specialist.

In 6 ABY, Gresh was trying to save some money to retire and allow the galaxy to forget him. He had decided that he did not mind if others suffered as a consequence.


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