"High Command believes the Fatality's cargo is so important, they won't even tell me what it is. I'm just supposed to find it."

Avrun was a Human male who served as a general in the Imperial Army of the Sith Empire. During the Galactic War with the Galactic Republic, fighting broke out in the area designated Section X on the planet Belsavis, and the wreckage of the Fatality—a stolen Imperial warship carrying advanced HK-51 series assassin droids—was discovered. Avrun was dispatched by Imperial High Command to investigate, though he was not told the cargo. He sent several squads into the vessel, but they were wiped out by the Dread Host that had taken the ship for themselves.

Behind the scenesEdit

General Avrun was added to the video game Star Wars: The Old Republic as part of Game Update 1.5, where he is part of the HK-51 mission series for the Imperial faction. In an earlier version of the HK-51 missions, Avrun and the Fatality were located on Hoth in the Glacial Fissure, and were involved in the mission "Precious Cargo."


Notes and referencesEdit

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