Azalie was a Human female who lived during the time period known as the Cold War. The daughter of a Corellian corporation owner, she attended a party on Nar Shaddaa hosted by her father's partner, Drooga the Hutt.

Behind the scenesEdit

Azalie can be romanced by a male version of the Voidhound. However there is no quest marker above her head. After spending a night with her, she will leave, expecting to see him again. Later, when at the smuggler hangar, she will appear again, expressing anger that the voidhound would leave without even saying goodbye. The Voidhound then could tell her that a relationship between them would be too dangerous, to which she would understand, bid the player farewell and leave. The player would also say that there is nothing between them, which would cause her to leave heartbroken. The player can earn dark side points by lying to her about giving her presents, to which she excitedly goes to her apartment, expecting presents.

The female smuggler meanwhile has no option to start a conversation with her at all.