The Cutting Strike attacking the Azure Queen.

The Azure Queen was an Action IV transport that was used during the time of the Galactic Republic.


The Azure Queen once sent to transport a cargo of bacta and medical supplies that was worth at least 500,000 credits to the planet Rutan. However, while en route there, the Queen received a distress call from someone who was claiming to be a Republic ambassador, so it diverted it's course, to investigate. However, the call had actually been sent by a group of Black Sun pirates from their YU-410 light freighter Cutting Strike. The Strike ambushed the Queen on the edge of an asteroid field and the pirates jammed the transport's hyperwave transmitter, although the captain of the Queen was able to send out a distress call moments before. The pirates then fired on the Queen, taking its hyperdrive off-line and leaving the ship stranded. A Black Sun boarding party took control of the vessel and began carrying out repairs, so that they could move the ship to Black Sun territory.

The distress call was picked up by the Republic and they sent an ILH-KK Citadel-class cruiser to retake the Queen. The cruiser ambushed the Cutting Strike and then sent Republic troops over to the Azure Queen, to recapture it.