Azzur Nessin was a male Kupohan who was also a former spy, and the owner of Nessin Courier & Cargo in the city of Tonekh on Kupoh during the Galactic Civil War. He was on the spylist given by Sakhet. When the Desert Jewel arrived on Kupoh, Luke Skywalker contacted Nessin in a weather channel. They landed in his base, as they wanted to change their broken ion engines. Later they agreed to pay with information about the location of the moon Fex. Drusil Bephorin checked Nessin's workers and she found two Kupohans who could possibly be traitors, Ruuf Waluuk and Migg Birkhit. While Ruuf looked innocent Skywalker captured Miggs while he was with a Gotal ISB agent. When they finished the repair, Azzur gave Skywalker another identification of a ship of a rival courier service, but when Skywalker started his departure, Azzur was shot in the head by Waluuk and a Devaronian mercenary. Later Waluuk and the Devaronian were killed by Skywalker and Nakari Kelen.[1]


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