"May the Force be with us all."
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B'dard Tone was a male Coway Jedi Master who served the Jedi Order and the Galactic Republic as a General in the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars. Master Tone violated the direct order of the Jedi High Council and attempted to assassinate Supreme Commander Grievous of the Confederacy of Independent Systems.


Early careerEdit

A Force-sensitive Coway, B'dard Tone was a member of the Jedi Order, learning the ways of the Force and attaining the rank of Jedi Master. By the time of the Separatist Crisis which plagued the Galactic Senate following the historically pivotal Invasion of Naboo, Tone had selected the rare Duinuogwuin Initiate Zephata'ru'tor, as his Padawan.[3]

Clone WarsEdit

In 22 BBY, when the conflict between the Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems came to a head, Tone joined Master of the Order Mace Windu's strike team assembled to rescue Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker and Senator Padmé Amidala from execution on the planet of Geonosis. Participating in the storming of the Petranaki arena, Tone was one of a few dozen Jedi to survive the opening battle of the Clone Wars.[1]

Taking up the rank of General in the Grand Army of the Republic, Tone joined the war effort. During the first year of the war, Tone was a part of a mission to retake Nadiem from Confederate control. During the mission, Tone had his first encounter with Supreme Commander of the Separatist Droid Army, General Grievous, engaging the Kaleesh cyborg in a lightsaber duel. Though Tone survived the encounter, Grievous severed Tone's right arm and badly disfigured the left side of his face. When the Separatist general fled the planet at the conclusion of the Battle of Nadiem, Zephata'ru'tor gave chase, attempting to stop Grievous using his species' natural ability to fly. Once he reached the general, however, Grievous activated his starfighter's hyperdrive in Zephata'ru'tor's path, disintegrating him into nothing.[3]

After the battle, Tone was fitted with a metal plate that covered much of the left side of his head and face, as well as a cybernetic arm to replace the one he lost. Some time before the Battle of Hypori, Tone encountered Trade Federation probe droids, and found them to be relentless hunters. Later, Tone accepted a new Padawan, Codi Ty.[1]

Hunting GrievousEdit

"He could be on any of a hundred worlds."
"He should not be that difficult to find. After all, Master B'dard, he leaves a trail of dead Jedi wherever he goes.""
―Tone and Flynn Kybo discuss finding their quarry.[src]

Tone meets Flynn Kybo.

In 20 BBY, Padawan, Flynn Kybo lost his Master, T'chooka D'oon at the hands of General Grievous. After this loss, he presented the High Council with the idea of hunting down and eliminating Grievous once and for all. Though this went against the Jedi Code, he believed it met with the Jedi principle of sacrificing one to save many. The Council was disturbed by his proposal, and ordered him not to follow through with it. They assigned him a new Master, Z'meer Bothu, whom Kybo soon met. She too found his idea out of line, and urged him to meditate with her instead. After hours of such meditation, Tone and Ty approached the bored Padawan and asked him about his plan.[1]

Kybo was confused, as he had told no one of this, but Tone simply responded that it had been revealed to him in confidence. He said that he believed that Kybo's idea had much merit, though the difficulties it posed were many. Tone then revealed to Kybo his past experiences with Grievous, then suggested they meet soon to discuss it further at a cantina in Husker Square.


The Jedi meet in exile on Bryndar.

Soon after, their plans in place, Kybo abandoned his Master and the Order just before the Battle of Alderaan, and met Tone and Ty on the backwater planet of Bryndar. Though the inhabitants of the sector were rumored to hate the Trade Federation, the three Jedi were at a loss on where to begin hunting for Grievous, as he could be on countless worlds across the galaxy. Not long after this, however, a man named Stellskard from the Banvhar Combine approached Kybo as he meditated and revealed that their quest for Grievous had spread rumors across Bryndar. As he and his compatriots also sought revenge on the Separatist general, Stellskard offered their help in the hunt, and brought the Jedi to Banvhar Station.[1]

The miners of the station were, as Stellskard put it, a "beaten people", who had fought a brief and devastating war with the Trade Federation. Grievous had allowed his battle droids to use the miners as target practice, further adding to their hatred of the callous Kaleesh. One on board the asteroid base, Stellskard introduced the Jedi to Rini, a technician who had been able to pick up a Separatist transmission. Though the group was unable to determine the precise meaning of the garbled conversation—in actuality, Grievous revealing to Count Dooku that he had captured a group of young Padawans—they believed their mission may have been uncovered. After the transmission ended, Rini was able to establish the source of the signal as originating in the Anoat system, but couldn't target it any closer.[1]


Tone recruits the Banvhar miners to fight.

Rini then revealed that during the miners' war with the Trade Federation, they were able to obtain some of their enemy's equipment, including the same type of probe droids Tone had encountered before. Though Tone voiced his concern that the droids may turn on them if activated, Kybo assured him that his astromech droid, CB-3D, would be able to ensure their memories had been wiped. The three droids were soon sent inside pods to the Anoat system to locate Grievous, and potentially assassinate him at the same time.[1]

Final battleEdit

"We turned our backs on our teaching and our discipline to set out on a mission of vengeance. It now becomes a mission of mercy."
―B'dard Tone, upon arrival on Belsus[src]

The Jedi and miners attack.

The droids did manage to find Grievous on the moon of Belsus, where he had perpetrated a massacre against the native Ugnaught population. The droids then attacked him, and as Kybo had predicted, they failed in this attempt, with Grievous quickly destroying all three. Tone and the other Jedi readied to depart for Belsus, with Stellskard and Rini joining them. Rini had obtained codes that should allow them to pass through the orbital blockade surrounding the moon, but he was unsure if they were recent enough. Meanwhile, Tone asked the miners of the Combine to accompany them on their mission, and each and every miner agreed. With the armed miners by their side, the Jedi boarded their ship to the Anoat system. Tone warned Kybo one final time of the repercussions of their actions and their potential excommunication from the Order, but Kybo once more remained determined.[1]

Once there, Rini's codes did indeed manage to work, but were old enough to warrant further scrutiny. Rini then picked up another transmission about Padawans, and the Jedi once more assumed their mission had been compromised. Without their former distance to garble the transmission, Rini was able to hear that the Padawans in question were in fact ones that had been held by the general and had now escaped. Tone then decided that while their mission to kill Grievous still applied, it was more important to rescue the young Jedi from his clutches.[1]

Since their codes caused some suspicion among the Separatist blockade, their ship was ordered to report to customs. When they did not, and landed near where the Padawans were held captive, they caused B1 battle droids to surround their ship. Tone, the Jedi, and the miners responded by attacking the droids head on, making short work of them. Although the other Jedi could not, Tone was able to sense the strong presence of Allara, one of the Padawans. The miners were angry that the Jedi wished to rescue the Padawans, but Tone pointed out that not only were the Padawans children, but wherever they were, Grievous would be nearby. When an explosion blocked their way forward, the miners fell back to their ship, while the Jedi moved downward, sensing the Padawans below.[1]


Tone and Kybo face Grievous for the last time.

In the caves below the facility, the Ugnaughts had built secret tunnels and homes, and were using them to hide from Grievous' invasion. They had been able to free the Padawans, but soon after they secreted them away to the underground, Grievous found them and attacked. When Allara asked him for a lightsaber so that she could defend herself, Grievous was amused, and tossed her one of his. Though she fought bravely, it was mere moments before he disarmed her. As he prepared to kill the youngling, Tone, Ty, and Kybo descended upon the scene, saving the Padawans' lives. Tone ordered Ty to take the Padawans back to the ship, and he complied, Ty and Allara fighting through battle droids as they fled.[1]

Tone and Kybo faced Grievous alone on the narrow bridge, as the general taunted them with his physical superiority. Grievous revealed all four of his arms, using a lightsaber in each hand to duel the pair of Jedi. Though they held out for a few moments, Tone proved to be less than a match for the master duelist, losing his right arm once more. Forced to fight with his lightsaber in his left hand, he was quickly overcome, and Grievous sliced Tone in two, killing him.[1]


B'dard Tone is sliced in half by Grievous.

As Kybo continued to face Grievous alone, Ty sensed Tone's death in the Force. As he despaired over his loss, Allara urged him and the other Padawans to keep moving. As Grievous began to overpower Kybo as well, the Jedi told the cyborg that though no one may remember his sacrifice, as long as Grievous died as well, that would be enough. He pulled Tone's still-activated lightsaber from his hand and flung it toward himself, severing the cables that held the fuel pipe the pair were dueling upon. As they fuel struck the magma below them, it ignited, creating an enormous explosion that engulfed the entire facility. Everyone assumed that Grievous was killed in the vast destruction, but the general escaped.[1]

Though the explosion covered their escape, and Codi Ty was able to return all the Padawans to the Jedi Order, the Council still exiled Ty from the Order for his actions. Allara pleaded for mercy for her fellow Padawan, but Ty wanted none. He departed the Order without regrets.[1]



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