The b'hedda, or Dug swingblade, was an exotic weapon, unique to the Dug species, developed on Malastare. It consisted of a wooden staff made from the sturdiest Malastare trees, with a hooked blade on one end and a thrower, resembling an atlatl, on the other. The wielder of the b'hedda was ideally to be hanging from a tree; the hooked blade functioned both as a weapon and as a tool for climbing, swinging from trees, or maintaining balance. At close range, the wielder could employ the blade. From a distance, he could use the thrower to hurl projectiles. Traditionally among the Dugs, these projectiles were small explosive charges called "bangcaps," which were bright and loud and potentially deadly, though less destructive than a blaster shot.

Very few non-Dugs ever became proficient, let alone skilled in the use of the b'hedda.

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