B'inka Fibuna was a female Twi'lek who was wanted by Ka'Pa the Hutt for escaping from her lifelong domestic service obligations. From her escape, she came in contact with agents from the Freedom Convoy, who allowed her to flee to Coruscant. The bounty was eventually claimed by Jango Fett, who captured her and returned her back to Ka'Pa the Hutt where she would no longer be free. The bounty was 3,500 credits, but only if she was brought in alive.

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Posted bountyEdit

  • Wanted Alive: B'inka Fibuna
  • Alive: 3500 Credits
  • Dead: 0 Credits
  • Species: Twi' Lek
  • Sex: Female
  • Known Affliates: Agents of the so called "Freedom Convoy".
  • Last Known Location: Deep spaceports along core trade routes.
  • Brief: Escaped from domestic service on Nal Hutta.
  • Originator: Ka'Pa the Hutt

Behind the scenesEdit

Although a different Twi'lek to Ayy Vida, she bore the same skin color and mottled pattern on her body as the latter did.



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