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B'karitz was a member of the Schenor species. He was a nest-guildmaster.


B'kartiz was a male Schenor who was the nest-guildmaster of a powerful province on his homeworld of Rhamsis Callo. During the Galactic Civil War, a group of Alliance to Restore the Republic operatives arrived at his nest-guild, bringing a juvenile Schenor, A'kazz, with them. A'kazz was the sole survivor of an Imperial-backed mercenary assault on a Schenor research station. Initially believing the Rebels to have kidnapped A'kazz and to be demanding ransom for him, B'karitz was eventually convinced of their good intentions and telepathically interrogated the youth. Upon learning the truth, he vowed to drive the Empire from Rhamsis Callo.[1]

Meeting with the Imperial ambassador at a base under construction at Chafflock under an agreement between the Schenor government and the Empire, B'karitz declared the treaty dissolved due to the Empire's actions. Despite professing their innocence, the Imperials attacked B'karitz and his nest-warriors. The Alliance agents helped the nest-guildmaster to escape the ambush, and allowed him to rally support from other Schenor nobles.[1]


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