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This article is about the Rodian. You may be looking for the Star Tours agent Bree Starlighter.
«Just between you and me, but I don't understand why people seem to think that 'dark side' and 'hooligan' go together.»
―B'ree to Revan.[src]

B'ree was a Rodian weapons merchant who lived in Dreshdae Settlement, Korriban's only colony, in 3956 BBY where he had established a small kiosk not far from a nearby landing pad. He had in his possession Cassus Fett's heavy blaster, having placed it up for sale alongside other high-quality arms brought to him through several Mandalorian and smuggler contacts that he maintained.

Always wary of the fact that the Sith were the law on Korriban despite the presence of Czerka Corporation, and thus did as they pleased, B'ree urged newcomers to Korriban to always be heavily armed while traveling planetside. When the local Sith academy experienced a power struggle in the wake of the then redeemed Revan overthrowing the headmaster, Uthar Wynn and redeeming his apprentice Yuthura Ban, he would tell Revan and his companions that his sales had gone "through the roof".

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