"But, Admiral..."
―B'wuf arguing with Pors Tonith during the Battle of Praesitlyn[src]

B'wuf was a male senior control technician who worked for the Confederacy of Independent Systems and serving under Admiral Pors Tonith during the Battle of Praesitlyn. Tonith disliked the fact that B'wuf questioned the tactics used at Praesitlyn, so the Admiral ordered him to sit in an unoccupied corner of the CIS bunker with two battle droids set to kill him if he should get up. After Tonith was captured by the Republic, B'wuf refrained from standing until Tonith ordered his droids to stand down.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

B'wuf had a somewhat obstructive personality, and would argue with his superiors if he found flaws in their reasoning. Compounding this was the fact that B'wuf spoke with a slow drawl, which Pors Tonith in particular found infuriating. Confronted with death, however, B'wuf would comply with any order, however ludicrous, as displayed when Tonith snapped and put him under guard by battle droid, forcing B'wuf to sit on the floor of Tonith's bunker and forbidding him from any kind of movement save scratching his back.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

B'wuf made his only appearance in the 2004 Legends novel Jedi Trial, written by David Sherman and Dan Cragg. B'wuf features in two scenes, but otherwise has little effect on events. Although his name suggests he is of Bothan provenance, nothing in the novel confirms his species.




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