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"This looks like one of those B'omarr monk monasteries that I read about in my studies at the Temple."
Ahsoka Tano[src]

The B'omarr Order was an order of monks who had their brains surgically removed and placed in jars containing nutrient fluid. Whenever they wanted to move, those bottled-brains used spider-like droid walkers.[1] The order built monasteries in the galaxy, including a monastery on the jungle world of Teth in Wild Space. Some of their temples were taken over by smugglers, who turned them into their personal retreats.[4] The B'omarr monks were also present on Tatooine,[1] but Jabba the Hutt assumed control of their monastery, turning it into his personal palace.[5] Despite that, at least one member of the B'omarr Order still lived in the palace[6] four years after the Battle of Yavin.[7]



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