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"Time to put the squeeze on 'em."
―A rocket battle droid, before entering combat[src]

B1-series rocket battle droids were a modified version of the B1 battle droid used to hunt down and destroy enemy escape pods.


Battle of AbregadoEdit

During the Battle of Abregado, Count Dooku and General Grievous deployed a group of rocket battle droids in a Droch-class Boarding Ship to hunt for survivors and or witnesses of the battle. The droids eventually came across Pod 1977, and proceeded to latch onto the pod. From a nearby pod, Jedi Master Plo Koon and a small group of clones watched as the droids cut open the pod, sending the two clones inside hurtling through space. The droids' attention then turned towards the Jedi Master, however, and they attempted to infiltrate the pod. Koon, with the help of clone troopers Sinker and Boost engaged the droids in combat. After a short confrontation, Koon severed the boarding ship's hold on the pod, resulting in the ship crashing into nearby debris.

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