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The B2-X Computer Interface Unit was a computer probe manufactured by the MerenData Corporation.[3]

MerrenData was contracted by Imperial Intelligence to produce the B2-X for its network security and slice investigation capabilities. As an Imperial model, the unit had a brusque personality and no means of locomotion.[3] Built in the shape of a cube and deep blue in color, this computer interface unit was capable of processing data that was scanned through a glowing red photoreceptor[2] and interpreted through a vocoder. The probe was equipped with a set of computer probes for interfacing with a variety of networks. The B2-X processors and software had the capability of slicing through some of the most hardened security systems.[3]

From 2 BBY to 0 BBY, a converted B2-X computer interface unit named Blue Max traveled with Han Solo and Chewbacca on their adventures in the Corporate Sector and Tion Hegemony.



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