"Come along, Bee-Thirty-Three. We have work to do."

B33 was an astromech droid that was owned by the Kubaz banker Rikard Lovas. Fitted with a restraining bolt, B33 was a member of Lovas' droid posse and was used in the Kubaz's attempt to fake the robbery of his own starship. B33, along with a variety of other droids, was stationed at an abandoned farmhouse on the planet Jakku. Lovas' plan was to have the reprogrammed secretary droid CZ-1G5 sabotage his ship and then delete the ship computer's financial logs, thus giving selling the appearance of a robbery exacted by a rogue droid. When the Niima Outpost lawman Constable Zuvio pursued CZ-1G5 into the desert, B33 and the other droids attacked him, buying time for Lovas. The astromech droid was heavily damaged when it tried to fight off the constable and was pushed out of a second story window. After the Office of the Constable exposed Lovas' scheme, B33 was repaired and reprogrammed before becoming an employee of the constable's office.


Heist on JakkuEdit

B33 was orange and green-colored astromech droid that belonged to the Kubaz banker Rikard Lovas, a traveling business man who helped monitor the financial assets of the citizens who lived in Niima Outpost, a settlement on the planet Jakku. At some point Lovas fitted B33 with a restraining bolt, as to not let the droid escape his control. While operating in a state of ill-repair, B33 was programmed to be have a toxic personality which allowed the droid to act aggressively.[1]

Having fallen into gambling debts owed to the Irving Boys, Lovas devised a plan to steal the Niima settlers' money by deleting the records of their financial accounts, making it appear as if the money had gone missing. To remove himself from suspicion, Lovas gathered B33 and his other droids at an abandoned moisture farm in the Jakku desert. At some point, Lovas abducted and reprogrammed CZ-1G5, a secretary droid employed by the Office of the Constable, and reprogrammed the droid to lead the droid posse and pull off the fake heist. After explosives damaged Lovas' starship, CZ-1G5 deleted the financial records, looted the constable's office of weapons, and fled towards the moisture farm on a stolen speeder bike. At the farm, B33 and the other droids prepared to fend of Constable Zuvio, who they figured would follow. Although the credits appeared to have been stolen, they had merely been hidden, and awaited transfer to Lovas' personal account.[1]

Desert duelEdit

"Those droids back at the old farmhouse. I guess I'm supposed to think that was your gang?"
―Zuvio questions CZ-1G5 about B33 and the other droids[src]
Niima outpost militia kyuzo

Constable Zuvio heavily damaged B33 during their confrontation.

As expected, Zuvio found the droid hideout and infiltrated it after shooting a guarding BD-3000 luxury droid. Once inside, the remaining droids attacked him. Using one of its attachments, B33 charged Zuvio first in an attempt to stun the Kyuzo lawman. However, Zuvio simply kicked the droid away, sending B33 reeling into a RIC-series labor droid. However, B33 recovered and tried to attack Zuvio again, this time using a tow clamp. Zuvio dodged the attack, causing B33 to latch onto a DD-13 Medical Assistant Droid instead. Zuvio then pushed B33 out the farmhouse's second story window, sending the droid to the ground with a disabling crash. Moments later, B33's tow cable retracted, dragging the DD-13 droid out of the window as well, which destroyed the medical droid.[1]

Despite serious damage that cost B33 a leg and a torn open chassis, the droid had not gone offline. After defeating the other droids, Zuvio encountered B33 on the ground. As B33 struggled to turn its cracked photoreceptor on Zuvio, the constable noticed B33's restraining bolt. Having previously thought that the droids were all rogues, Zuvio realized that it was a farce and that his office had been fooled. The constable left B33 where he lay and chased after CZ-1G5. After learning that the droids were under Lovas' control, Zuvio shot the secretary droid.[1]

After Lovas was arrested for his attempted crimes, B33 was recovered by the Office of the Constable and was repaired and reprogrammed along with CZ-1G5. B33's new duties included patrolling with Deputy Drego and acting as an assistant to CZ-1G5.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

Drego: "Lovas got off easy, if you ask me. Way too easy."
B33: "*chirps and whistles in agreement*"
CZ-1G5: "Oh!"
―Drego and B33 agree on Lovas' fate, to CZ-1G5's embarrassment[src]

B33 was an ill-maintained astromech droid with orange and green plating. Lovas' programming caused B33 to be a malicious, violent droid. When in combat, B33 did not give up quickly, and after one failed attack against Zuvio the droid promptly tried again. After Lovas' programming was removed, B33's opinion of its former owner was considerably low. When Drego insisted that Lovas' punishment was too light, B33 agreed in a crude manner that CZ-1G5 found too embarrassing to properly translate.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

B33 was a character created for the short story "High Noon on Jakku," which was written by Landry Q. Walker.


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