This article is about the droid. You may be looking for Prototype B6, also known as the Blade Wing.

B6, nicknamed Beesix, was a droid built by Mala Mala as a friend and assistant. Mala left him behind in a spaceport on Centares when she and a group of other bounty hunters (including Brazzo and Selle) gathered to see if Ban Papeega could discover the name of the pilot who destroyed the first Death Star from Thurlow Harris. When Mala learned that the pilot's name was Luke Skywalker, she was hunted down by Vader's troops. After jumping from a cliff, Mala was rescued by B-6 and returned to her ship. They fled to Coruscant, but were shot down by an Imperial patrol. B-6 was damaged beyond repair in the crash, but Mala reused his parts in a trap meant to delay the stormtroopers who searched for them.



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