The BAS44 Customs-Grade Holoscanner was patented by Bank of Aargau Security, Limited. It was a 110-kilogram holoscanner model which showed high-detail, molecular-level, three-dimensional 2-meters-by-2-meters images of the insides of anyone who stood behind it, with zoom displays optional. All individuals leaving Aargau were required to pass behind a scanner to ensure they were not smuggling out precious metals. Standing behind the scanner for longer than one minute could be dangerous for a subject.

It was new model at the time Leia Organa and Darth Vader visited Aargau, being installed at Aargau checkpoints shortly after the Battle of Hoth. It was considered superior to previous models of holoscanners used on Aargau, but its operation was not yet covered in local security training. Access to the holoscanner was limited by a secure password, but the device was easy to operate. The official press release made the extraordinary claim that local smuggling was reduced 14 percent during the six months before the product came into use, just because the holoscanner discouraged criminals. The device locally cost 300,000 credits, but non-Aargauans could only purchase the model on the black market.