Publishing BB art (Nakladatelství BB art) was founded 1990 in Prague, Czech republic. Publishing specializes in modern translation of Anglo-American literature, nonfiction, poetry and comics to Czech language. It publishes a table and wall calendars.

List of published Star Wars booksEdit

English Title Czech Title ISBN Release Date Pages Format Author(s)
Omnibus: Shadows of the EmpireStar Wars Omnibus: Stíny Impéria978-80-7381-846-3November 16, 2010400HardcoverSteve Perry, Michael A. Stackpole, John Wagner, Timothy Zahn
Omnibus: Boba FettStar Wars Omnibus: Boba Fett978-80-7381-882-1March 23, 2011496HardcoverThomas Andrews, Mike Kennedy, Ron Marz and others
Omnibus: Tales of the Jedi, Volume 1Star Wars Omnibus: Letopisy rytířů Jedi 1978-80-7381-925-5June 16, 2011400HardcoverTom Veitch, Kevin J. Anderson
Omnibus: Tales of the Jedi, Volume 2Star Wars Omnibus: Letopisy rytířů Jedi 2978-80-7461-010-3November 16, 2011464HardcoverTom Veitch, Kevin J. Anderson

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