"Greetingzzz, master. How may Drone BeeGee-TooTooT-oo zzzervice the colony?"
―BG-222, to guests at Duke Piddock's party on Geonosis[src]

BG-222 was a J9 worker drone with a masculine persona who was active during the Galactic Civil War. Sometime after the Battle of Yavin, BG-222 attended a private party that was held on the planet Geonosis by the Geonosian Duke Piddock of the Gogum Hive. During the event, BG-222 was summoned by the Gand bounty hunter Vrixx'tt on a number of occasions to act as a translator for him.


BG-222 had white-colored plating and a large head with multi-faceted optical apparatus. He had a cheerful and over-enthusiastic persona. He spoke with a monotoned voice and suffered from a flaw common to droids of his class whereby when translating languages he would translate phrases from an insectoid perspective.