"The Bounty Brokers Association welcomes you."
―BH-7X greets a bounty hunter[src]

BH-7X was a renowned Assassin droid bounty hunter and a member of the Bounty Brokers Association. During the Cold War and Galactic War BH-7X visited both the Carrick Station and Vaiken Spacedock and guided the potential bounty hunters through the process of either capturing or killing the target. Later he offered his services in neutralizing the Wookiee smuggler Jakarro to a bounty hunter named Kern, though Kern refused, citing the droid's price as too high. When Kern's own attempt to apprehend Jakarro and his droid partner C2-D4 ended in a total failure, BH-7X delivered the news to Kern. However, instead of offering his assistance again, BH-7X calculated that it would be more profitable to claim the bounty on Kern himself for illegally transporting spice. After a prolonged conversation, BH-7X captured Kern with the use of carbonite.


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