The BR-219 heavy blaster pistol was a rare model of heavy blaster pistol that was more powerful than a standard heavy blaster.


A model of heavy blaster pistol developed off of the success of the E-11/S blaster rifle, the BR-219 was large and intimidating. The short, thick barrel had a broad aperture and a heavy-duty frame. The grip was custom made, and had an integral recoil compensation system. The BR-219 recycled the receiver and firing mechanism from the E-11, and incorporated a re-engineered XCiter and actuating module so that it fired an overcharged bolt. With an improved Galven pattern and special blaster gas, the weapon was extremely powerful and slightly inaccurate. Producing a loud bang and muzzle flash when fired, the weapon was not inconspicuous.[1]


When bounty hunters and law enforcement officers demanded a powerful, pistol-sized weapon, BlasTech Industries began producing the BR-219 model. Not sold through their usual dealer network, the weapon was a custom build that had to be ordered directly from the factory. Imperial Security Bureau background checks were required to carry the weapon, and a permit had to be obtained on the individual world a carrier might visit. Carrying without a permit was punishable by imprisonment.[1]


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