"You are reading this because you have been chosen as a Rally Master, charged with training recruits, preparing Watchers for operations and commanding them in battle. Like Cassus Fett's Rally Masters of ancient times, you must educate and inspire our warriors, so they understand their heritage and will sacrifice their lives for it."
Tor Vizsla[src]

Ba'jurne Kyr'tsad Mando'ad was a Death Watch manifesto and training guide written by the Mandalorian splinter-group's founder, Tor Vizsla. Containing an account of Mandalorian history, the Death Watch's founding, goals, and training, and illustrated depictions of numerous concepts Vizsla considered of interest, Ba'jurne Kyr'tsad Mando'ad was intended for Death Watch Rally Masters, in order to help them train and guide new recruits.[1]

Following the death of Tor Vizsla at the hands of Jango Fett, Fett acquired a copy of Ba'jurne Kyr'tsad Mando'ad which he personally annotated and passed on to his son, Boba. Boba Fett later bound the Death Watch manifesto—complete with notations of his own—with a copy of the Bounty Hunters' Guild Handbook to form a compendium he labeled The Bounty Hunter Code, a tome he intended to pass on to his own daughter, Ailyn Vel. Fett would never have the chance, however,[1] as a series of events led to his estrangement from this family, and after temporarily falling into the sarlacc pit on Tatooine,[2] officers of the Alliance to Restore the Republic took possession of The Bounty Hunter Code from Fett's ship, Slave I,[1] before he could free himself.[2]

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Ba'jurne Kyr'tsad Mando'ad first appeared in Star Wars canon as part of the 2013 bounty hunter reference guide The Bounty Hunter Code: From the Files of Boba Fett, co-authored by Daniel Wallace, Jason Fry, and Ryder Windham.


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