Baanu Miir was a worldship used by the Yuuzhan Vong.


By the time of the invasion, the Baanu Miir had spent almost a millennium in the Intergalactic Void, and as such was one of the older worldships, and was also dying. The Baanu Miir did not use dovin basals to provide its artificial gravity, but instead spun on its axis. The vessel was filled with twelve thousand Yuuzhan Vong of various castes, though it seemed that they were mostly those of lower status. Also, the rikyam was beginning to die as well, and was losing control of the ship's functions.

Nen Yim was banished to the vessel after her involvement in the shaping of Tahiri Veila. By that time, the vessel was technically in the boundaries of the Core Worlds, but could no longer risk going to darkspace without tearing itself apart. Nen Yim attempted heresy to find a way to prolong the worldships life long enough to allow the inhabitants to move to the new worldship being grown in the shipwomb at Sernpidal, but the vessel soon died after Yim was taken to Supreme Overlord Shimrra's private vessel.

Toohi sector and the Phuur arm were areas of the ship. It was ruled by Prefect Ona Shai.



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