Babalabbet Swoont was a Sullustan who was a very respected cybernetic engineer on his planet.


His technological career started to worsen when Swoont ate some contaminated food and it resulted in brain damage. His work began to result in droids that were ill-tempered, and when one of his droids caused a mining accident, Swoont was incarcerated in an asylum for the criminally insane. At that point, droid abolitionist Xalto Sneerzick utilized Swoont's ability for droid development, and saw to it that Swoont was released from prison. Although he was insane, Swoont was fiercely loyal to Xalto Sneerzick, and became an important part of the Droid Abolitionist Movement. When Sneerzick started to raid Cosmohaul Shipping, Swoont blindly followed him. The Abolitionists went undercover as a transport crew, and were in charge of transporting 100 R5 units on the Argent Lady to Sullust. Sneerzick programmed the R5 units to rebel against all the passengers, even the abolitionists, and Xalto's whole team was blasted by the malfunctioning droids. Swoont perished along with the rest of them.


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