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The Backstab, also known as the Captain's Ladder, was a CR90 corvette that saw service with a group of pirates and mercenaries.


Backstab was originally part of the fleet of the Eyttyrmin Batiiv pirate gang, along with over seventy starfighters, fifty armed yachts, and twenty-seven other corvettes.

The fleet was virtually annihilated at the Battle of Khuiumin by a pair of Imperial Navy Victory-class Star Destroyers, the Crusader and Bombard. The resultant massacre left the Backstab as the group's only surviving warship, thanks largely due to the tactical ability and discipline of her captain, Jacob Nive. After the battle the remaining Bastiv pirates reformed themselves into the Khuiumin Survivors, led by Nive, dedicating themselves to fighting against Imperial forces and looting Imperial convoys whenever possible.

Some time after the Survivors returned to piracy following the Battle of Endor, the Backstab, along with the rest of the Survivors, became part of the Invid pirate fleet, occasionally using the alias Captain's Ladder. After the collapse of the Invids in 11 ABY the Survivors, now having joined the New Republic and moved to Susevfi, continued to utilize the Backstab as the centerpiece of the formerly Imperial-controlled moon's defense force alongside their Tri-fighters and the Jensaari.