Bacon was a type of food[1] the Besalisk[2] Dexter Jettster enjoyed and served in his restaurant on the planet of Coruscant, Dex's Diner, before[1] the establishment's destruction during the first two years of the Galactic Empire's rule.[3] Varieties included tailring bacon, which Jettster used as a topping on his Socorro slider, and nuna bacon. The latter was served on its own as a breakfast side dish, with Anoat oats as the second Pantoran Plate Special breakfast, in Shawda Clubb sandwiches, and in Besh-Leth-Trill sandwiches.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Bacon was mentioned in a 2009 Hyperspace-exclusive release, "Dining at Dex's", which was written by Gregory Walker in the style of an in-universe menu for Dex's Diner.[1] The varieties of bacon named on the menu were intentional references to various bits of Star Wars lore,[4] but it did not necessarily specify any connection between those pre-existing elements and the bacon. For example, there is no explicit connection between the tailring or nuna and the varieties named for them.[1]

A 2013 video game, Star Wars: Tiny Death Star included an item called the Krayt bacon burger, but did not provide an explicit connection to the pre-existing bacon.[5]


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