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Bael was a male Wookiee who, along with Touda, worked as a porter to Club 111, a drinking and dancing venue in the city of Depatar, in the gas giant Genarius. Bael and Touda analyzed the disguise of any prospective customer before letting him in.

At some point, Bael and Touda became indebted to Fot Ducela, a local permitor.

In 31 BBY, Bael and Touda had fun when Alec, a Jedi Knight and prospective customer of the Club, appeared disguised as an albino Wookiee Jedi. They let Alec in, even if some other people in the queue digressed about the quality of Alec's costume. Two weeks later, a team of investigators looking for the missing Alec wanted to visit the Club. As their permitor was Fot Ducela, the Wookiees let them in, paying Ducela for his previous favor.


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