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Bafor was a Human male and a Chief of the Wind Raider tribe on Taloraan during the Clone Wars.


In 21 BBY, two members of his clan, Jeru and Nardek, argued with Bafor over a prize—a Togruta female plucked by them from the sky when she fell. Bafor decided that the right to possess the female would be determined by a no-weapons combat between the two. Nardek quickly defeated Jeru and was going to take female as a prize. Little did he know that the female Togruta was actually a Jedi Padawan, by the name of Ahsoka Tano. With the help of the Force, she easily defeated him, after which Bafor decided that she was free to go. However, Tano attempted to convince Bafor to let his Wind Raiders join combat against the CIS forces that were trying to establish control over the planet. Bafor initially refused to help, saying that it was the matter of the Denfrandi, not the Wind Raiders. However, after the Jedi offered the Wind Raiders some supplies and goods from Taloraan City, Bafor allowed several of them to aid the Jedi.


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