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Bail Antilles was a galactic trader and a confederate of the Aquillian Ranger Clieg Whitsun. He was as a rugged-looking man wearing fur and golden ornaments.

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Behind the scenesEdit

"Whitsun walks into the glass and chrome splendor of one of the famous nightclubs of Alderaan. He moves to the long mirrored bar, and sits next to a rough-looking man, BAIL ANTILLES, dressed in the distinctive gold and furs of the Galactic traders."
―Extract from "The Star Wars: Rough Draft"[src]

The name "Bail Antilles" first appeared in May 1974, in the 132-page rough draft to the film that would become Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope. One year later, in the Adventures of the Starkiller, Episode I: The Star Wars, Antilles became an Aquillian Ranger himself and the co-pilot of the story's main protagonist, Luke Starkiller.[1] Later story developments established the character as the father of Princess Leia from the planet Ogana Major.[2]

When Princess Leia's homeworld was renamed Alderaan, the name "Ogana" was slightly respelled and attributed to the royal family.[3] Bail Antilles was accordingly renamed Bail Organa, and went on to be mentioned by name in both the script and novelization of the original Star Wars film, although he was only referred to simply as Princess Leia's father in the film itself.[4] In Star Wars 2: Six Against the Galaxy, the second issue of the film's comic book adaptation by Marvel, Leia's father was erroneously referred to as "Bail Antillies [sic], Viceroy of Alderaan."[5] Eventually, Bail Antilles was established as a separate character from Organa during the development of the Star Wars prequel trilogy, specifically as Organa's predecessor as the senator of Alderaan.[6]



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