Bail Falcris was a male Human who worked as a Senate Guard during the time of the Galactic Republic.


Following the disappearance of a Republic senator's aide, Falcris placed a bounty on the aide, to ensure that the individual was rescued. A group of agents freed the aide and after they collected the bounty from Falcris, he paid them to continue working for him. The agents were sent to investigate Domino, a mysterious criminal figure whom the aide suspected that the senator was in contact with. However, the senator responded by recalling Falcris and placing bureaucratic obstacles in the way of the investigation.

A short time later, while Falcris was meeting with the agents, a former Jedi Padawan attacked the Senate Guard and attempted to kill him. Soon afterward, the agents learned that Domino was planning to assassinate every single member of the Galactic Senate, so they contacted Falcris, to warn him about the threat.