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"Come into my study. We can talk with our friend."
―Bail Organa to Ferus Olin[src]

The private office of Bail Prestor Organa, Viceroy and First Chairman of the Alderaan system, was located in the Royal Palace of Aldera. Located in the private family wing of the palace, Organa's office was a plush, expansive room.[2] It was composed of several sections and was capacious enough to accommodate at least a dozen guests. Its main section contained the viceroy's desk, a holoprojector, several couches and a skylight.[3] One the office's windows looked onto the Aldera lake,[2] and another, located just behind the desk, onto the inner city area.[3] In the wake of the establishment of the Galactic Empire in 19 BBY, Organa had his office upgraded to highest security.[1]


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