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An unidentified regent was appointed on the planet of Alderaan in 32 BBY. He or she served as acting viceroy in the absence of Bail Prestor Organa, who had been forced to abandon his function to become senator of the Alderaan sector.[1] When Organa retired from the Imperial Senate in 1 BBY, he returned to his homeworld of Alderaan and reclaimed his title.[3]

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The fact that Bail Organa transferred his functions to a regent was only mentioned in the 67th issue of The Official Star Wars Fact File.[1] Nonetheless, the the now defunct Databank of stated that Organa had to reclaim his title when he retired from the Senate, which implies he had abandoned it earlier.[3] A "Regent of Alderaan" was also mentioned in the 1993 roleplaying guide Han Solo and the Corporate Sector Sourcebook.[4]


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