The Bak'rofsen system was a star system located within the Auril sector in the Outer Rim region of the galaxy. It was sometimes called the Bal'demnic system as it contained the planet of Bal'demnic.

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During the Clone Wars, the system attracted the attention of the Confederacy of Independent Systems and the Galactic Republic, after Commerce Guild scouts discovered cortosis on Bal'demnic. After the Confederacy was driven from the planet, the Republic left behind a small fleet to prevent its return.

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The Bak'rofsen system was first identified in Bal'demnic's entry in the Databank, as part of the What's The Story? feature of Hyperspace. Although the entry was by Arthur Papadam, it was his girlfriend that gave the system its name. It was named after Pinky Beecroft, frontman of (now defunct) Australian alternative band Machine Gun Fellatio.


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