""You are bound to enjoy today's special, Baked dru'un slices in fish sauce. Wait here, and I will bring you some.""
―A rectory droid offers baked dru'un slices in fish sauce to Jedi Master Yoda.[src]

Baked dru'un slices in fish sauce was a meal consisting of slices of baked dru'un served in a fish sauce. The meal was served in 19 BBY as one of the specials in the Jedi Temple Refectory on the planet Coruscant. When Jedi Grand Master Yoda attempted to eat a bowl of his own specially prepared stew in the refectory, which wasn't served there normally, a rectory droid attempted to take the stew as it couldn't identify it as food. The droid offered to replace Yoda's meal with the days special, which was baked dru'un slices in fish sauce and after breaking the bowl of Yoda's stew it successfully served him a plate of the special. During a free for all battle between a number of Padawans that took place later that day in the refectory a number of plates of baked dru'un slices in fish sauce were knocked to the floor.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Baked dru'un slices in fish sauce was first mentioned in the novel Yoda: Dark Rendezvous written by Sean Stewart and published in 2004.


Notes and referencesEdit

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