Bakiska's was a data repeater service that operated on the planet Lothal during the Age of the Empire. Bakiska's was known to operate a data warehouse in Capital City's Lower Gallo area. The Vocational School for Institutional Security student and rebel sympathizer Merei Spanjaf maintained an account with Bakiska's. After the Imperial authorities managed to track down one of the snooper programs she had used during a data breach at the Imperial Transportation Ministry, Merei and her classmate Jix Hekyl toyed with the idea of deleting her account at Bakiska's.

After Imperial investigators (which included Merei's mother Jessa) closed in on three repeater services, Merei and Jix attempted to infiltrate Bakiska's warehouse and sabotage the machine storing Merei's account with a pulse-mag. However, they were stopped by the local security guards and evicted from the warehouse. Merei and Jix's actions angered their boss, the Gray Syndicate crime lord Yahenna Laxo, who retaliated by ordering Merei to accompany a bounty hunter to arrest the elderly poet Holshef, who was paying the Syndicate to hide him from the authorities. Before Laxo could carry out his order, he and his associates with the exception of Merei and Jix were killed by Imperial forces.