Baktoid Industrial Systems was a designer and manufacturer of security droids founded by the former engineers of Baktoid Combat Automata.


LV8-series guard droid

An LV8-series guard droid

After the Galactic Empire absorbed the assets of Baktoid Combat Automata, many of the Baktoid engineers fled the Empire along with all their research. After the fall of the Empire and the foundation of the Galactic Alliance, these engineers joined together to establish a new corporation, Baktoid Industrial Systems. Focusing less on combat droids, they instead worked on designing cutting-edge droids for industrial use. Their combined expertise reestablished Baktoid as a leading force in droid engineering.[1]

They were well known for their design and manufacture of the LV8-series guard droid, an inexpensive yet very well-built security guard droid.[1]


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