Balahteez was a Pho Ph'eahian spice smuggler who was captured by the Galactic Empire and transported to Despayre. Balahteez developed numerous information contacts over the years, many of whom ended up on Despayre with him. He lived in Slashtown Prison Colony.


While being pursued by an Imperial patrol near Gall, Balahteez jettisoned his illegal cargo, which was packed inside a block of carbonite the size of a luggage trunk. The carbonite had been pulled down into Gall's gravity well and accidentally hit a barracks housing a large unit of TIE/LN starfighter mechanics. The impact punched a hole into the outer hull large enough to form a crater thirty meters wide in diameter, killing fifty mechanics immediately, and another thirty who were sucked out into hard vacuum during the explosive decompression. The hole was so large that another twelve mechanics who survived the initial blast and the decompression died from a lack of air before emergency droids could seal the barracks.


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