Balam was the Gungan god of war. Legend has it that Balam was the first warrior amongst the Gungans. After his death, the supreme god Oma-Oma made him immortal and took him to Ossorus, the city of the guds, so all the other deities could be trained in the art of proper warfare. It was also said that, as a god, Balam created the hidden city of Otoh-D'in, a paradise hidden in the middle of the marshes, which hosts the souls of the bravest Gungan warriors. Legend added that if Ossorus was ever assaulted by the evil forces of Mekamok, Balam would lead the dead warriors of Otoh-D'in to defend the home of the guds.

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Balam was exclusive to the French edition of Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds.

Balam was only mentioned in the French edition of the 2001 video game Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds, in the database entry pertaining to the Gungan society. This detail did not feature in the English version of the entry. In all editions of the game Balam is mentioned as a leader of the Gungan civilization in standard matches, though he is referred to as a Boss. Several other deities, namely Balmtop, Mekamok, Dobbis and Nododo are also exclusive to the French version of the database. Though most of these names were not used in any other source, Nododo was set to appear in The Essential Guide to Episode I, a cancelled reference book.


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