The Balawai militia was the Korunnai name for the law-enforcement and military forces of Haruun Kal's Representative Council government. It was a part of the Ministry of Justice, and was headquartered in the Ministry of Justice Building in Pelek Baw. As of 21.5 BBY, it was under the command of Colonel Lorz Geptun.

During the Summertime War, the militia was engaged in a protracted conflict with native Korunnai guerrillas such as the ULF, a struggle often marked with atrocities on both sides. After the end of the war, the militia remained, but was downsized and limited primarily to law enforcement. Many former militiamen joined the Republic Army to serve in the Clone Wars.

Even at the height of the Summertime War, the militia's written bylaws forbade threatening civilians.


As of 21.5 BBY, the militia forces included:

Jups were also used as auxiliary units. Under its alliance with the Confederacy of Independent Systems, the militia also received at least 384 Vulture droids. It used twenty-man platoons.


Each militia regular was equipped with Graylite body armor, a Merr-Sonn Devastator vibroknife, and a BC7 Medium Blaster Carbine. Each platoon had a MM(X), and every sixth soldier had a backpack flamethrower.