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Balazausa was a sentient female who,[1] around 3 ABY,[2] was a high-level bureaucrat within the Bank of Aargau,[1] which was headquartered on the planet Aargau.[3] Within the Bank's hierarchy, she held a title of Depositor Councilwoman, but Balazausa was also a covert contact of the crime lord Li-Suun Niik, who ran a criminal empire.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Balazausa was mentioned in the Wizards of the Coast website article Aargau: For All Your Banking Needs, Part 3: Now 99% Crime Free, which was written by Cory J. Herndon and released in 2003. She was only mentioned as a contact of Li-Suun Niik within his roleplaying game information and statistics. The source did not specify Balazausa's species.


Notes and referencesEdit

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