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This bald Daimanate Officer was a Male Human who served as a Daimanate Sith trooper on Chelloa in 1032 BBY. During the Raid on Chelloa, he and a T'surr soldier were was about to kill undercover Jedi and Chelloan resistance leader Gorlan Palladane and several other slave workers when they were interrupted by the arrival of the Jedi Knight Kerra Holt. The Jedi woman incapitated his T'surr companion. When he attempted to detonate a grenade as part of a scorched policy, he was knocked out by Gorlan with a crowbar.

The officer subsequently survived the raid on Jenith Spaceport. He would subsequently participate in the Massacre of Jenith where Sith Lord Daiman ordered the mass execution and destruction of the entire city of Jenith in retaliation for sheltering a Jedi Knight. He and a fellow soldier pursued Gorlan's wife Roah Palladane and her daughter Aneese into their house. However, he was intercepted by Kerra who killed him by slicing across his torso with her lightsaber.