The Ballarat was an Endurance-class fleet carrier assigned to the New Republic Fifth Fleet.


The Ballarat was the flagship of a task force consisting of twenty-one warships. The Majestic-class heavy cruiser Mandjur served as its escort.

During the Battle of N'zoth, seven warships under its command ‒ Aboukir, Banshee, Fulminant, Garland Thunderhead, Yakez and Werra ‒ were destroyed. While the Ballarat moved forward to cover the gaps, it was attacked by a Yevethan Aramadia-class thrustship. It was hit by a salvo of proton torpedoes in the forward section of Flight Deck Four and the ensuing chain reaction of detonations destroyed three squadrons of launching X-wings and E-wings.

The Ballarat survived the battle of N'zoth, albeit heavily damaged.

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