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A Baltarian freighter, docked at Gordon on Aquilae, was used by Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Leia, Biggs, Windy, Artwo, Threepio and Annikin Starkiller to try to escape the Galactic Empire's occupation.

Baltarians wore distinctive clothing, making it possible for the adults to blend in as "crew"; the two boys were hidden in microcases and put into hibernation, powered by Kane Starkiller's final sacrifice of his chest power source.

The ship was cramped, with narrow hallways and a small cockpit. Unfortunately for the heroes, the supposed captain of the vessel was none other than Valorum, a Sith.

In the rest of the ship was "Hold B" and "Hold G", where the imprisoned "crew" was held. The Jedi, however, were not so early subdued, and they free everyone else. They escaped the freighter before it takes off.

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