Balthazar Sim was a male smuggler who lived during the time of the Galactic Civil War.


At some point, Sim bombed a shuttle near to the planet Coruscant in an attempt to cover up a conspiracy. A friend of the businessman Evin Telbre was killed during the incident and Telbre subsequently vowed to track down Sim and bring him to justice.

Several years later, a shipment of the drug pleaz-mo went missing while en-route to the entertainment park Aucellis Park and was inadvertently served at a high-class dinner party. The event was disrupted by the effects of the drug and the operators of Aucellis Park, which was secretly an Imperial re-education facilty that used pleaz-mo to influence the minds of its visitors, feared that the drug would be tracked back to them and that the Park's true purpose would be expose. To remedy the problem, the Bothan Hoogi Grym, the head of security at Aucellis Park, hired Sim to cover up the incident and kill everyone that had attended the party. However, a security camera recorded some footage of Grym carrying out his assignment and Evin Telbre obtained a copy of the recording. During the operation, Sim looted a crystalline codage from one of his victims which, unknown to the smuggler, contained a homing beacon.

Afterward, Sim traveled to the moon Keriba VI, where Aucellis Park was situated, and he met with Grym inside the ride Cavern's Delight, the headquarters of the park's re-education program. Telbre obtained copies of the codes to the homing beacon and he used them to track Sim to Aucellis Park. Telbre dispatched a group of agents to the park, to capture Sim, and the agents confronted Sim and Grym inside Cavern's Delight.