"Unkar's not gonna pay for that. Porto's crew brought in, like, maybe a hundred band limiters in the last week. You gotta know that."
―Devi, to Rey[src]

A band limiter was a starship component. They could be found with carbon scoring, particularly in the Graveyard of Ships on Jakku.[1]

Rey located a band limiter for usage on a Ghtroc 690 light freighter that she had located after a massive sandstorm uncovered it. While Rey was washing the part at Niima Outpost, the scavenger Devi noticed her holding back parts from Unkar Plutt and figured she was building something with the component. Additionally, Devi noted that Porto's crew had just brought in roughly one hundred band limiters in to Plutt the previous week, denoting the worthlessness of the part for sale to Plutt.[1]

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Band limiters were first mentioned in Before the Awakening, a junior novel written by Greg Rucka and published in 2015.


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